Women's Ministry

Women's Ministry


It is our vision to disciple, mentor, and equip women with the Word of God to experience the abundant life promised through faith in Jesus Christ.


It is our mission to reach the generations of women to minister the Word of God that instills faith and trust in Jesus Christ as the source of life. Through spiritual teaching, prayer and guidance, women are liberated to live life according to God's divine plan and infinite possibilities. They are empowered by the Holy Spirit with the wisdom and discernment to care for themselves, their husbands, and their children.


We believe the love of Jesus Christ can cover a multitude of faults. Our confidence is in Jesus Christ to help women overcome every situation imaginable. Yes, this includes loneliness, health issues, low self esteem, poverty, incarceration, drug addiction, promiscuity, incest, rape, abuse, and any other situations that may arise in this lifetime. That is why we continue to cry out to God for women today and those to come. We are crying out because we know that if the women today surrender their lives to God's will, the women of the future will not repeat the same patterns in life. We know that when we experience Jesus and personal change, we can impact the world around us.

Glory to Jesus Christ our Savior; women can be set free from situations that have held them in bondage for so many years. As part of the Women's ministry, they will know the truth and the truth will set them free. The truth is through the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ, we are forgiven from the failures of our past. We can put on our garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness and accept beauty for ashes. We can take our rightful place in the Kingdom of God and live a life of success in Jesus Christ.


Pray - Intercede for one another concerning situations and direction in life.
Pursue - Learn and share Kingdom principles for an abundant life through faith in Jesus Christ.
Praise - Glorify God through testimonies of his goodness, grace, and mercy. Praise and worship the Lord through song and reading of the Scriptures.
Prosper - Grow spiritually and improve in health and wealth (through personal giving).
Partner - Encourage women to establish and enhance relationships with one another by becoming an active participant in ministry; using their gifts and talents to encourage others in the faith. Actively evangelize and disciple others everywhere.